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20’GP Containerized Diesel Generator

LEES 1000KVA generator set uses advanced sound-absorbing material, through scientific design and the advanced technology in the field of acoustics

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20’GP Containerized Diesel Generator

LEES container diesel generator sets are available in standard and soundproof versions. They are manufactured and designed in accordance with international standard size containers and have 20 GP containers. The frame can avoid damage to the generator set during transportation due to high-voltage load, and has the advantages of novel shape, compact structure, large volume, and convenient transportation of the generator set. High-strength containers and standard-size design save customers' freight costs; High-performance, durable aging, anti-combustible sound-insulating materials and absorbent materials in sound-insulating containers; At the same time, the container design is more user-friendly, with side doors on both sides of the container. And fix the overhaul lamp for easy operation and maintenance.


Product Details




Standby Power





Prime Power











Rated speed



Engine  Cummins KTA38-G5: In-line, 12 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, Diesel Engine
Alterbator Stamford: S6L1D-E41


20’GP Containerized Diesel Generator Advantages

1) Convenient refueling and installation water injection

*External fuel inlet and coolant inlet

*The generator set is equipped with a fuel tank automatic refueling system for daily use.

* Fuel outlet for base and drain


2) Easy to maintain

* Daily maintenance work can be done on both sides of the machine, and the large door allows you to easily access the machine

* Equipped with ladders to make regular maintenance and repairs easier.


3) Easy to transport

* Forklifts are designed with transport holes on some bases to make them easier to move and transport, so quietly helps to rent applications


4) Control system

*Microprocessor core digital system

*Multiple language options, automatic control


5) Safe and practical design

* Quiet, suitable for use at night and in noise sensitive homes and office areas

* Prevents rain and dust from attacking even in harsh environments such as mines, deserts, and construction sites.


Standard Configuration

-Industrial Cummins water-cooled diesel engine

-Single bearing alternator, insulation class H and IP23

-Steel base fuel tank, anti-vibration installation

-69dB Muffler Exhaust System, Maintenance Free Battery, User Manual

-Flexible fuel line and lubricant drain valve

-Shrink packaging method

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