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MITSUBISHI Generators 700-2250kVA Silent Type Diesel Power

LEES silent generators take advantages of weatherproof canopy, which is fashionable and beautiful with bright color. Unique design of muffler

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LEES silent generators take advantages of weatherproof canopy, which is fashionable and beautiful with bright color. Unique design of muffler, inlet and outlet air and mute cotton low the noise of generators obviously, which could reach 58-60dbA/7m without loading and 62-65dbA/7m with full loading.


LEES Mitsubishi silent generators have a wide power range from 700~2250kVA. The generators are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on.   


Shanghai Mitsubishi heavy engine co., LTD. is a joint venture between Japan's Mitsubishi heavy industry co., LTD and Shanghai diesel engine co., LTD. The company mainly produce Mitsubishi heavy industries of large and medium-sized engine and the every technology, production, and quality standard is synchronize with Mitsubishi Japan heavy industries. 


Lees cooperate with Mitsubishi (Shanghai), manufacturing LSSM series diesel generating sets, with its excellent quality and price, Lees Mitsubishi Generator sold vastly overseas. This series of diesel engines meet with U.S. EPA2 emissions standard of diesel engine power station. Power coverage from 500 kw to 1800 kw.

Benefits of LEES Mitsubishi Generators:

1. Lees LSSM series generators are powered by Mitsubishi turbo charged engine, designed for heavy duty usage. Engine equipped with battery charging system and the equipment selection and comprehensive technical support, the basic generator set require very little accessory equipment can be put into operation.
2. Excellent price & performance Lees LSSM series diesel generator set has advantage of small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, high output power, etc, The purpose is to maximize the customer's operation cost saving. and Lees LSSM series generator set as an economic/cost saving solution to users all over the world.
3. Wide user base & after-sales service Mitsubishi quality widely recognized by users in China and overseas, Lees LSSM series generator set has been widely used in large power plant, mining, Telecom and telecommunications, factories, transportation, bank, hotels and other industries, for various customers with different continuous and standby power supply. Lees LSSM series can enjoy Mitsubishi engine service, maintenance and spare parts supply around the globe.

With years' experience in manufacturing high quality mitsubishi generators  700-2250kva silent type diesel power which help you solve power problem, Lees Power is known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various diesel generator sets. Though situated in the convenient China, we have many dealers spreading around the world.

Powered by Mitsubishi (Three phase    230/400V, 1500RPM, 50Hz)   
LSSM715S3715650S6R2-PTA-CHCI 544F5030*1860*2550 


LSSM825S3825750S6R2-PTAA-CLVI 634B5030*1860*2550 


LSSM1375S313751250S12R-PTA-CLVI 634GISO    20'ft GP 


LSSM1500S31512.51375S12R-PTA2-CPI 734BISO    40'ft HQ


LSSM1650S316501500S12R-PTAA2-CPI 734CISO    40'ft HQ 


LSSM1860S318591690S16R-PTA-CPI 734EISO    40'ft HQ 


LSSM2100S32062.51875S16R-PTA2-CPI 734EISO    40'ft HQ 


LSSM2200S322002000S16R-PTAA2-CPI 734FISO    40'ft HQ


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