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MTU Generators 300-3750kVA Silent Type Diesel Power

LEES silent generators take advantages of weatherproof canopy, which is fashionable and beautiful with bright color. Unique design of muffle

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LEES silent generators take advantages of weatherproof canopy, which is fashionable and beautiful with bright color. Unique design of muffler, inlet and outlet air and mute cotton low the noise of generators obviously, which could reach 58-60dbA/7m without loading and 62-65dbA/7m with full loading.


LEES MTU silent generators have a wide power range from 300~3750kVA. The generators are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on. 


MTU Daimler - Benz Group of Companies, is the world's leading diesel engine manufacturer. LEES MTU series high-power generator sets, powered by MTU electronic injection diesel engine, which will get 24 hour engine technical, after sale, parts support from more than 650 MTU dealer and service agent around the globe.


Benefits of LEES MTU Silent Generator:

1. Typical color match “yellow with black”, which is bright and attractive

2. Cover of canopy use the design of a slight angle, which is unique and modern.

3. Higher “panzer base frame” design is strong and durable, which has high industrial traits.

4. Intelligent control panel is located in the same side of maintenance door, which is more convenient for customer to check and maintain.

5. The rainproof canopy is used 2 mm thickness cold rolled steel, strong and durable, which sound insulation effect is good. The surface of the canopy is used powder painting, which production workmanship is rigorous.

6. Adopt two-step silencing technology with high density sound-absorbing cotton to reduce running noise.

7. Humanized design fully consider the customer experience and improve its service satisfaction.

With years' experience in manufacturing high quality mtu generators  300-3750kva silent type diesel power which help you solve power problem, Lees Power is known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various diesel generator sets. Though situated in the convenient China, we have many dealers spreading around the world.

 Powered by MTU (50Hz)
LSM300S3300275MTU6R1600G10FHCI    444D1 
LSM325S33353006R1600G20FHCI    444D1 
LSM400S34003508V1600G10FHCI    444E1 
LSM440S34404008V1600G20FHCI    444F1 
LSM500S350045010V1600G10FHCI    544C1 
LSM550S355050010V1600G20FHCI    544C1 
LSM660S366060012V1600G10FHCI    544E1 
LSM715S371565012V1600G20FHCI    544F1 
LSM825S382575012V2000G65LVI    634B1 
LSM880S388080012V2000G65HCI    634G1 
LSM1000S3100091016V2000G25HCI    634H1 
LSM1100S31100100016V2000G65HCI    634J1 
LSM1250S31250113518V2000G65HCI    634K1 
LSM1375S3NA125018V2000G26FLVI    634G1 
LSM1400S3NA140012V4000G23RPI    734B1 
LSM1660S31660155012V4000G23PI    734C1 
LSM1800S31800164012V4000G23PI    734D1 
LSM2000S32000181312V4000G63PI    734E1 
LSM2250S32250205016V4000G23PI    734F1 
 Powered by MTU (60Hz)
Brand Model Stamford
LSM344S3-6 343.75 312.5 MTU 6R1600G10S HCI444D1
LSM379S3-6 378.75 343.75 6R1600G20S HCI444D1
LSM454S3-6 453.75 412.5 8V1600G10S HCI444E1
LSM503S3-6 502.5 456.25 8V1600G20S HCI444FS1
LSM573S3-6 572.5 520 10V1600G10S HCI444C1
LSM633S3-6 632.5 575 10V1600G20S HCI544D1
LSM688S3-6 687.5 625 12V1600G10S HCI544E1
LSM757S3-6 756.25 687.5 12V1600G20S HCI544E1
LSM1000S3-6 1000 910 12V2000G85 HCI 634G1
LSM1137S3-6 1137 1025 16V2000G45 HCI 634H1
LSM1265S3-6 1265 1150 16V2000G85 HCI 634J1
LSM1450S3-6 1450 1338 18V2000G85 HCI 634K1
LSM1500S3-6 1500 1362 18V2000G85 PI 734A1
LSM1562S3-6 1562 NA 18V2000G76S PI 734A1
LSM1875S3-6 1875 1700 12V4000G43 PI 734C1
LSM2200S3-6 2200 2000 12V4000G83 PI 734E1
LSM2500S3-6 2500 2275 16V4000G43 PI 734F1
LSM2750S3-6 2750 2500 16V4000G83 PI 734G1
LSM3125S3-6 3125 2813 20V4000G43 NA
LSM3438S3-6 3438 3125 20V4000G83 NA
LSM3750S3-6 3750 3450 20V4000G83L NA
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