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Kubota LED Lights Hydraulic Light Tower

Relied on its high reliability, maximum safety, easy operation and simple maintenance etc., LEES light towers are suitable for varies applications like construction site, mining filed, rental business, public equipment service, accident handling, large-scale event, disaster relief etc.

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Kubota LED Lights Hydraulic Light Tower


The device is an independent, towable, high power beacon assembly. The unit consists of a water-cooled Kubota engine and a 7/8KVA Mecc Alte generator that supplies current to four 300-watt LED lamps and includes a hydraulic telescopic light mast that can  raise the four high output LED to a height of 75°.

This mobile floodlight kit is ideal for large-scale event lighting, construction, mining, industrial operations, and any mobile full-power lighting system that requires extended operation.



Key Features Include:

-9m hydraulical operated telescopic mast 

-359° mast rotation

-Available in 4x300W LED lamps

-Galvanized mast and powder coated canopy

-Electronic controlled hydraulic system with sustaining valves and hydraulic locks

-Fault protection

-Heavy-duty, weather-protective enclosure


Advantages of LED:

Unlike gas and arc lamps with glass bulbs, LEDs do not have a filament or fragile casing during operation and/or transportation. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) do not use heated filaments or use gas combinations to produce light, but instead use semiconductor materials that illuminate when current is applied, providing instant illumination before re-attacking, without preheating or cooling time. Since there is no warm-up time, this light can be turned on and off without shortening the lamp life.


Product Details:


Engine brand


Engine model



1500/1800 rpm

Prime power


Cooling system


Oil   capacity




Alternator  brand

Mecc Alte

Alternator  model


Continued  power


Excitation  mode

Capacity   exciter

Alternator  insulation


Protection  grade




Mast type


Mast height


Section no. (extended)


Mast rotation


Mast extension time


Mast descend time




Type of ligths

Metal   halide lamp

Number & Power of lights


Mast lighting & Extension

Hydaulic   operation

Light angle turning


Lamps rotation


Protection glass


Color temperature




Braking   system

Parking   braking / Driving braking


Ball type  / O ring optional

Tire number


Tire rim size

185 / 14”





Kubota LED Lights Hydraulic Light Tower Advantages:

1)Famous motor and generator, excellent performance, start easily;

2) metal halide lamp has long service life;

3) Anti-fall, safe and solid;

4) Hand-operated winch, lockable at any moment;

5 )Elevating frame is made of Stainless steel square pipe;

6) Elevating frame can rotate, east for light waving, overturn to intake, transport and store;

7) Plastic treated, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and beautiful.


The Kubota generator set has been modified with a coolant heater to keep the engine temperature at an optimal level. The fuel system is equipped with an in-can fuel heater to prevent gelation in the Arctic environment. The generator set is equipped with 0W-40 synthetic oil. The battery of the generator set is equipped with a battery cover.

LEES Light Towers are designed to offer the widest coice for your applications.We provide a wide range of industries with a flexible and dynamic set of lighting options,while addressing all aspects of efficiency and safety.

At LEES, we not only meet your lighting needs. We also offer replacement, retrofit and upgrade parts as well as industrial grade power accessories. Our craftsmen can customize any lighting system and / or accessories to meet the unique needs of your operation.

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